Seed Cycle Blend

Monthly wholefood PMS supplement
to balance cycle hormones.
Live pain-free, naturally.

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“makes it simple to add these ground mixes directly to my daily breakfasts and meals. Have already started recommending to clients :)”

Jema Lee - Menstrual Cycle Coach

“Dr. Emily Hernandez loves Seed Cycle Blend!”

“I recommend this product to all my patients that want to do seed cycling!”

Dr Emily Hernandez - Fertility & Digestive ND

“Natural hormone support has arrived!”

“They keep my hormones happy, healthy and as a result my cycle regular and pain-free.”

Melissa Vranjes - Holistic Sex Coach

How can Seed Cycle Blend improve your menstrual experience?

"It's Life-Changing!"

"My periods were regular, manageable, and 100% symptom free! (Even the nasty PMS migraine I got each month is gone!)"


"Zero Pain Cycle"

"I had zero pain. Literally my period came and went and I had zero cramps"


"Game Changer for Me!"

"so easy to keep up and so easy to regulate your hormones naturally. "



By founder Rochelle Marreiros

Maybe like you, I was taught that having a cycle meant there would be a time in the month that was hell and that’s ‘normal’. Well, science is here to tell us that it’s NOT normal and instead a sign of hormonal imbalance. This means if we focus on balancing hormones we don’t need to suffer every month. Before understanding this concept I tried all the natural potions, lotions and devices out there promising long lasting pain-relief - to no avail. But when I started taking a ‘food is medicine’ approach I discovered the nutritional practice of rotating specific botanicals in fluctuation with your hormones. It was simply life-changing.

I consulted with Naturopathic Doctors around the world who prescribed this protocol to their patients with amazing results. I continued to test it for myself for 2 years with consistent months without symptoms. It was then and there that I decided to create a ready to use version of this protocol. Now here we are with a Seedcycle subscription delivering monthly support for those who want natural long-term pain-relief.