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Ready-to-use seed cycling blends for natural balance

Designed to give your body what it needs to experience a more comfortable and balanced cycle. 



Our cycles don't have to suck!

"I encourage my patients to make it a lifelong practice. You don't have to be dogmatic about it, but it is a simple tool to support your hormone health and leverage food to create better hormones." On Seed Cycling

Functional Medicine Naturopathic Physician

Earth Conscious

Home compostable packaging, 100% organic ingredients, vegan and sustainably produced in New Zealand.

Naturally Effective

Reduces cycle symptoms by naturally balancing cycle phases, no risky side effects being 100% natural and results can be seen from the first cycle.

Easy to Use

Delivered to your door each cycle. Colour coordinated guide and can be added to any meal. This makes seed cycling effortless.


Seed cycling questions and answers

  • Can I use Seed Cycle Blend on the pill?

    Yes, you can use Seed Cycle Blend on the pill and gain micro and macro nutrients. However, Seed cycling's effectiveness comes from taking nutrients at different times of the cycle when your hormones fluctuate. When you are on the pill your hormones do not fluctuate - to reduce fertility. See Our Cycles page for more info.

    There is a lot of nutritional value in the seeds, It just may be harder to track your cycle and therefore your results from Seed Cycling.

  • Can I use Seed Cycle Blend when I'm pregnant?

    It's not advised for pregnant women to seed cycle. Their hormones are not in the same rhythm as a normal cycle. It's best to look into nutrients that support the pregnancy cycle instead. 

    It wouldn't hurt to combine the blends together for the macro and micro nutrients. But because estrogen and progesterone are steadily increasing until birth, the seed cycling method is redundant. 

  • How soon will I start seeing results?

    Some people can start noticing a difference in the first month. Others can take up to 3 cycles to notice changes. It's completely dependant on each person's body, sensitivity and history with contraception and other serious health conditions.

    We recommend consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner for professional advice.

  • Will Seed Cycle Blend get rid of my pain?

    Yes and no. Yes if you're willing  to commit to the seed cycling method and cycle syncing. More info at How It Works

    No, if you you're not commited.

  • When do I start?

    Start with FOL blend on day 1 of your period until ovulation or start with LUT blend from ovulation until day 1 of your period.

    Check out the How To Use page for more details. 

  • How do I know where I am in my cycle?

    You start to get in touch with your cycle by tracking and observing it. If you are not on contraception, the most effective cycle tracking method is the Sympto-Thermal Method. More info on our How To Use page.

    A tracking app like Kindara can help to record details like your temperature on waking, cervical mucus and other physiological signs.

  • What if I have lost my period or have irregular periods?

    There are many reasons for period irregularity in women who are not on hormonal contraception. In the first instance we advise consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner. If seed cycling is prescribed as one of their therapies then we recommend starting to sync with the moon.

    You can take a rough guess as to where you are from your period and go from there. A moon synced cycle predominantly has ovulation at full moon and period on the new moon. But you can also be the complete opposite - that's fine too. Check out the How To Use page for a moon synced chart.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Unless you are allergic to tree nuts, sesame seeds or gluten - there are no recorded negative side effects to date.

  • Can I use Seed Cycle Blend with my other natural supplements?

    Absolutely! But before doing so we recommend consulting with a naturopath or natural health practitioner for professional advice.

  • How do I store Seed Cycle Blend?

    For optimal potency we recommend to store your blends in the fridge with our Cyclip or Cloon Shop Here.

    More storage options coming soon.

  • Are the blends organic?

    Yes, our ingredients are all organic!

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