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Hey! I'm Rochelle, the founder of Seed Cycle Blend. And ex bearer of paralytic period pains, breasts that felt like they could explode and mood swings that could get me a job at the local theatre.

I was lucky enough to discover a way to take control of my cycle naturally. And actually learn what my cycle was in the first place. So, I could look after it properly. I had NO IDEA our hormones fluctuated during the menstrual cycle - or what kind of hormones these actually were - or what were hormones in the first place?!!

How I wish we could have had this education at school. I went to an all-girls school at one stage and got none of this - mind-boggling. Luckily, I had a smart mum who was going through her own health journey and teaching me things along the way. And had I not gone through this journey myself I may not be here giving you the same opportunity to love your cycle instead of loath it.

I want to give you the chance to understand your cycle enough to nourish it and reduce discomfort. Seed cycling was a real slap in the face kind of therapy for me - I didn't believe it. But when you look at the science behind the process and the method of seed cycling - it makes perfect sense. Check out how it works here. I started to look deeper and found this whole realm of women seed cycling. They were preaching the benefits - "I've got my libido back". "My breast aren't feeling like 1000 knives!". "I didn't cry for no reason this month!".

But the biggest setback of preparing the seeds themselves is that it took time - lots of time. And some women didn't have a grinder to get it to the right-sized blend. It hit me - when I was too lazy to grind my own seeds - that ready-to-use seed cycling didn't exist. And so I created it myself. And now it can be all yours. Freshly blended every two weeks for optimal potency and delivered to you at the start of each cycle. Easy peasy.

Of course, Seed Cycle Blend alone isn't going to cure your menstrual woes. Although, I stopped all my supplements and just seed cycled and my pain went... But, it is a key that will unlock your own healing potential. Once you start to learn about your own cycle as part of the seed cycling protocol, you're empowered. You can't help but start to pick up tips and tricks on how to optimize your cycle. Your nutrition, sleep, water intake, exercise, mental health and more are easier to manage. The control you get from knowing this information is pure freedom!

I really hope you enjoy Seed Cycle Blend as much as I do. And I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.


In Health, Rochelle



Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Seed Cycle Blend is not a substitute for medication or other health treatments. For maximum health benefits, it should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise.


Is seed cycling right for you?

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