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About Us

We are Seed Cycle Blend.

Seed Cycle Blend was founded by Rochelle Marreiros - a woman who suffered with painful periods each month.


Where is started.

Rochelle experienced tender breasts, stabbing period pains, mood swings, fatigue, and even anxiety as a result of her cycle hormones being way out of balance. She had tried supplements - which worked temporarily - but nothing was sustaining her cycle health. Until she found the naturopathic and nutritional practice of Seed Cycling in a book called Cooking For Homone Balance by Magdalena Wszelaki with Dr. Izabella Wentz.


Why it started.

After introducing seed cycling into her diet for a few months - Rochelle started to experience pain-free periods, no tender breasts, more balanced moods and no anxiety throughout her cycle. It was a game-changer. And she wanted to share it with as many cycling individuals as possible. She started to research and connect with Doctors worldwide like Dr. Emily Hernandez and Dr Jolene Brighten who prescribed Seed Cycling to their patients. She extracted the science that supported the effectiveness of seed cycling and went through multiple accounts of success stories. She discovered the biggest setback for people was grinding the seeds themselves. And like that - the pre-blended seed cycling mixes were born - FOL and LUT Seed Cycling Blends.


You can heal too.

As Dr. Izabella Wentz describes "While each person may have different symptoms, the fundamental way to heal the body is the same: support it's ability to heal itself."..."Every time you eat a meal, you choose to support or diminish your body's healing capabilities. I have seen that using food as medicine (or "food pharmacology", as I like to call it) can create profound transformation in a person's health. Food has the power to nourish, regulate hormones, improve digestion, and promote detoxification". Add Seed Cycle Blend to your medicinal food cabinet and enjoy the results.



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