About Us


Seed Cycle Blend was born in a moment of relief

When I discovered that this organic wholefood supplement could actually get rid of the debilitating cramps that had haunted my menstruating years. Not just that - but seeing the end of my horrid mood swings, achy body and fatigue. Relief, when I discovered that these powerful foods could knock sex hormones back into balance without any side effects. And excitement when I realised I could make a completely sustainable solution for people who wanted to experience the same benefits.

I’m Rochelle - founder of Seed Cycle Blend and late recipient of all the horrible things that come with imbalanced hormones.

Maybe like you, I was taught that having a cycle meant there would be a time in the month that was hell and that’s ‘normal’. WHAT?! The moment I learnt that symptoms were a sign of hormonal imbalance and could be healed - was the moment I refused to suffer each month. I tried all the natural potions, lotions and devices out there promising long lasting pain-relief - to no avail. Until I found the nutritional practice of rotating specific botanicals in fluctuation with your hormones. It was life-changing and unbelievably simple. I consulted with Naturopathic Doctors around the world who prescribed this protocol to their patients with amazing results. I continued to test it for myself for 2 years with consistent months without symptoms. 

Why Seed Cycle Blend?

I study nutrition but also am a Graphic Designer. So, I felt it my duty to combine my powers and create not just this simple yet incredibly effective product to help us love our cycle again - but also make learning about the cycle and how to care for it - fun and interesting. You can view our instagram full of infographics here. Some nights I’m up till all hours refining an infographic just so I can help make the scientific jargon easier to understand.

Because it’s important to me that the people who want to care for their cycle can know how to without feeling stupid. Helping others realise their full potential is my fuel! And discovering this 100% organic solution to overcoming symptoms of the cycle is my way of giving freedom back to those who lost it to imbalanced hormones.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

It was essential to me that Seed Cycle Blend was created consciously with high vitality ingredients and packaging that was made to leave no trace. We use all home compostable packaging for our blends, accessories, courier bags and labels and recyclable cardboard boxes. We conserve energy in our operations and only use the finest certified organic ingredients. For me - in these current times we should be making things that disappear properly or don’t make them at all.

Expert Support

We have access to a network of naturopathic doctors and nutritionists worldwide who are just a zoom away from supporting you on a deeper level. Not everyone has the same symptoms and others will need tailored support. We can refer you to someone that can help. Contact Us

A simple solution

Our subscription makes taking care of your cycle effortless. A monthly delivery to people who, like me, are looking for a long-term solution to their symptom woes. Shop Now