Our Cycles

Our cycles are incredible gifts, that if understood, can be optimised for a better lifestyle and overall wellbeing. See below the basics of what is happening during our cycles.


Two Cycles in One


Within our menstrual cycle, we have two main hubs of activity working simultaneously.

Ovarian cycle
  • Activities happening in the ovaries. 
  • Follicular Phase, Ovulation and Luteal Phase.
    Uterine Cycle
    • Activities happening in the uterus
    • Menstruation, Proliferation and Secratory

      Brain hormones and ovary hormones work together to ensure all processes are carried out.


      The Ovarian Cycle


      The ovarian cycle has two key phases. Follicular Phase and Luteal Phase. (Days stated are based on a standard cycle, cycles differ for each person) 

      • Follicular Phase
        Menstruation to Ovulation - Day 1-14
        During this phase, the egg-containing pods in the ovary called follicles, ripen and one of the eggs matures.

      • Ovulation
        The matured egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tubes - Approx. day 14

      • Luteal Phase
        Ovulation to Menstruation  - Day 14-28
        During this phase, the follicle that released the egg produces hormones that tell the uterus to prepare for possible fertilized egg implantation.


      The Uterine Cycle


      The uterine cycle has four key parts. (Days stated are based on a standard cycle, cycles differ for each person) 

      • Menstrual Period - Day 1-6
        The period is the shedding of the uterus lining or the bleed.

      • Proliferation - Day 6-14
        After menstruation the uterus lining builds back up.

      • Secretory - Day 14-28
        After ovulation the uterus excretes certain chemicals to prepare for possible fertilised egg implantation or prepare for the lining to break down and shed again.


      Hormone Fluctuations

      During these cycles hormones are fluctuating to ensure the right tasks are being carried out at the right time. When hormones go out of balance we experience symptoms of the cycle as a way of your body saying it needs help to rebalance.


      Hormones on the pill

      The contraceptive pill essentially puts your hormones to sleep to reduce fertility. This can make seed cycling less effective without the natural fluctuations of the cycle. But you can still gain micro and macro nutrients from the seeds.


      How do hormones go out of balance?

      Many things can disrupt the natural flow of hormones. This can depend on if you are on medication, the pill, low nutrient diet, toxic environments or relationships, over exercising, under exercising, dehydration, lack of rest and repair, partying, trauma etc. 


      How can you fix it?

      Get to know your cycle and work with it - not against it. Understanding where you are suppressing your hormones and where you can support your hormones is the secret. Seed Cycle Blend works with your cycle to support key phases and optimise your health. We recommend learning more about the cycle syncing method to optimise your cycle even further. Pioneered by Alisa Vitti and adopted by cycling individuals all around  the world!

      Start seed cycling with Seed Cycle Blend. Find out more on our How To Use page. 


      Is seed cycling right for you?