Money Back Terms and Conditions


We offer your money back for the third purchase of Seed Cycle Blends, only if you saw no results with consistent use over the course of three months. Consistent use refers to using Seed Cycle Blend every day for the three months.


We will give you your money back for your last Seed Cycle Blend purchase if the product did not work for you, provided that you have filled out our refund form and that you meet the refund conditions.

Section 1 — Conditions for Money Back

To receive your money back for your last Full Cycle Seed Cycle Blend purchase, you are required to fill a form detailing your experience with our product and how you took it. This is to ensure that you took Seed Cycle Blend correctly and that your experience was not impacted by external factors. You must have used Seed Cycle Blend for the last three months consistently (taking it every day), not in conjunction with medication that can interfere (such as hormonal pills).

If refund is approved you will no longer be able to make future purchases of Seed Cycle Blend products.

Section 2 — Amount for Refund

If you meet our money back guarantee terms and conditions and are eligible for a refund, we will refund you only the amount you paid for your last Full Cycle Seed Cycle Blend. For a refund, we require proof of purchase. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund if we think your case does not pass our terms and conditions. We will make the decision based on your form responses.