4 Guarantees with Seed Cycle Blend

We are passionate about hormone health and educating women on their body's incredible potential to thrive. Which is why we are dedicated to bringing you only the best food supplements and products, as well as connecting you with amazing experts. We want you to achieve your health and life goals. 

We know that it can be hard to understand the value of a health product when shopping online. That's why we have put together 4 guarantees to help you make more informed decisions about what you are really doing when you choose Seed Cycle Blend.


1. You save time and money - guaranteed

Say it takes 10 minutes to grind your seeds and wash the grinder every day. In a week that's 70 minutes. In a month that's 5ish hours. Multiply your working hourly rate by 5 and that's how much it's costing you to grind your seeds each month. Add the cost of the seeds and it could be anywhere between $128 - $660 to seed cycle each month - compared to $30 USD for a Full Cycle Seed Cycle Blend.


2. You get FREE information in one place - guaranteed

We do the work to connect you with experts on issues you are having with your cycle. You don't even need to say a single word to us. You can just click a button to Follow Us on Instagram and we will serve up delicious looking and easy to understand information for you to feast on. And you never know - you could learn something that changes your life for 👏 FREE


3. You are supporting a woman run small business - guaranteed

Each order that is placed is a vote for equality in the market for women lead businesses. And It's a vote towards supporting small businesses. Each blend is made to order and blended by us in-house. The actual blending of the product isn't the most glamorous part of running Seed Cycle Blend - but we do it because we want you to receive the best quality and benefits our team and customers have experienced when seed cycling. See reviews here.


4. You get your money back - guaranteed*

Not all of it of course! But if you don't see results on your third cycle of consistently using Seed Cycle Blend - this may not be the product for you. And we will happily return you the amount of your last order. Guaranteed.

To discuss any of the above if you have any questions on these guarantees please email us at info@seedcycleblend.com.

We hope this helped.

In health,


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